Global Transportation Management, LLC (GTM) provides total freight logistics services encompassing domestic and international land, ocean, and air. Combining our assets and those of our global network of transport and warehouse providers, we have the capability to meet your global freight, warehousing, and packaging needs anywhere, anytime.


GTM solutions include planning, managing and execution of transportation operations across all modes and all geographies. We employ an extensive network of electronic and web-based tools for shipment planning and visibility.


GTM is C-TPAT certified and is a member of the Elite Global Logistics Network (EGLN). EGLN has a global presence that includes over 200 members, a combined staff of 20,000, in 100 countries. With revenues exceeding $4 billion, EGLN’s expert handling of international shipments gives GTM the capability to handle even the most demanding shipping needs worldwide.


GTM has expanded its services through a partnership with Feblo International, LLC and GS3 Global. This venture strengthens our capabilities and extends our reach to provide value-added warehousing and distribution services, including warehousing, distribution, assembly, packaging, and sequencing, thus becoming a one-stop source for all your logistics needs.

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Global Transportation Management, LLC Specialities

Whether you need transportation via air, land, or sea; have a sensitive handling requirement; or require packaging and handling services, GTM delivers on time and on budget.

Global Transportation Management, LLC specializes in: