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Building International Partnerships at EGLN 2015

Published On: October 23rd, 2015

GTM executives are just back from Bangkok and are fondly recalling a wonderful week spent with our colleagues at the inaugural Elite Global Logistics Network (EGLN) annual conference.


Bangkok Skyline

Mark Brodie, GTM’s Managing Member and Co-Owner, Mike Unsworth, Senior Director of International Branch Operations, and Joe Field, Senior Director of Operations, North America, represented GTM at EGLN. This annual conference is an essential one for GTM. In just one week in Thailand, we were able to directly engage with more than 150 delegates from 90 global freight forwarders.

EGLN is an international network of elite-level logistics companies that offer “best in class” services to their customers. Membership is by invitation only and includes high-quality freight forwarders whose services are proven, efficient and dependable. By the close of 2016, EGLN expects more than 250 members from 100 countries. With 12,000 staff and projected annual revenues of $4 billion, EGLN is poised to make a lasting mark on the logistics industry.

The EGLN Conference, held at Bangkok’s five-star Landmark Hotel, consisted of welcoming and social events, discussions, and one-on-one meetings. These meetings are the heart of the conference, allowing us to hold frank, in-person discussions with our international partners.


EGLN one-on-one meetings

More than 4,500 of these one-one-one conversations took place in a large ballroom, with overhead timers promoting focused discussion. These talks are where relationships form and partnerships solidify.

Throughout the conference, we met with esteemed colleagues new and old. We were fortunate to spend time with several of our highly valued partners, including Interfracht (Germany), O’Brien Customs and Forwarding (Australia), and PSL Freight (UK).


GTM with O’Brien Customs and Forwarding


GTM with Interfracht

IMG_0598 (1)

GTM with PSL Freight

Naturally, we also ventured outside the Landmark to experience a bit of what Thailand offers to visitors. Before the conference kicked off, Mark Brodie headed out for a pleasant afternoon of golf in Bangkok. Joining him on the green were colleagues from Zenith International Freight (UK) and Global Destination Forwarding (New Zealand).


Golf outing with colleagues from Zenith International Freight and Global Destination Forwarding

Our entire team also enjoyed a spectacular dinner, hosted by BSI Group (China), whom we consider partners and friends. We particularly appreciated the evening’s delightful conversation and succulent food.

IMG_0588 (1)

Dinner in Bangkok with BSI Group

While we relished spending time with our colleagues, home beckoned. We’re pleased to report that we returned with great memories and stronger alliances. We’re already hard at work, continuously enhancing our broad service offerings and building new relationships every week.

We are confident that these newly-strengthened alliances will continue. We look forward to building international partnerships that will benefit our customers and mutually grow our companies.