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Planning for Chaos: Successfully Navigating a Shipping Crisis

Published On: November 19th, 2015

The West Coast ports crisis may be a memory now, but future global events impacting shipping are inevitable. At GTM, we were proud to join a strong, integrated team to address this crisis. Working together, we created unique solutions that kept our customers’ factories open and their businesses running.


As the logistics arm of the Deshler Group family of companies, we developed a rapid, multi-step response to clogged harbors and empty shelves. We drew upon our years of trucking, shipping, and customs clearance expertise to quickly extricate cargo for our customers. Cargo that represented jobs, profits and commercial survival for many.

In partnership with GS3 Global, Feblo International and AMI, several of our Deshler affiliates, we saved the day for many of our customers. Along the way, we solidified partnerships, gained new business, and attracted admiration from fellow logistics companies, who all wanted to know our strategy.

Here’s how we did it.