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GTM Driver Profile: Sal Mohamed

Published On: November 15th, 2023

Meet GTM North Carolina’s most senior driver, Sal Mohamed! As part of our Southeast Dedicated operations, you’ll find Sal transporting shipments of chipboards, MDF, TFL and other forest products by Conestoga trailer across the US-Southeast region, prioritizing Excellence, Reliability and Reach at all times.

From Sal: “When you’re driving, always watch out for others, be extra cautious, ensure your load is secure, check your straps and monitor constantly. Remember everyone has a family and wants to go back to them – just like I do!”

The eldest of ten children, Sal was born in Yemen and moved to Michigan as a child. Prior to truck driving, Sal worked for another Deshler Group company, Amanda Manufacturing in Livonia, Michigan. After earning his CDL, Sal transitioned to GTM Livonia before relocating to North Carolina to support the Egger Wood Products relationship.

Sal enjoys spending time with his family, playing volleyball, feeding horses and helping out at a coworker’s farm.

We’re proud to have Sal on the GTM team and are grateful for his hard work and commitment to safety. Stay tuned to meet more of our incredible team of driving professionals!