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Protecting the Environment at Every Turn: GTM’s SmartWay Partnership

Published On: December 3rd, 2023

Caring for the environment, one truck at a time. GTM is proud to be a SmartWay Carrier Partner with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. This designation means we’ve demonstrated – day in and day out – our company-wide commitment to environmental sustainability and conservation of natural resources. 

Many of our customers also care deeply about long-term sustainability, particularly those who depend on renewable natural resources like Egger Wood Products. Through careful planning and constant monitoring for efficiency, we pull extra miles out of every gallon of diesel, lowering emissions while we move goods across the country. 

This conservation-minded approach is a financial win for our customers too, since fuel efficiency also reduces the costs we pass on to each client.

So how do we do it? Being a SmartWay Partner means we focus 24/7 on controlling emissions and reducing idling time. When breaking for rest, our drivers employ auxiliary power units (APUs) with regenerative batteries to control their bunk heaters and air conditioning rather than wasting diesel while parked. 

Every GTM driver also carefully manages speed and acceleration to improve mileage per gallon – and to promote safety at all times.

We also plan our loads carefully. Miles spent driving with empty or minimal payloads are often a waste. The more weight we can move per gallon of fuel, the more beneficial for our customers and our drivers. Goods get where they need to be, more quickly, efficiently and economically. 

Along the way, we document everything for the EPA, demonstrating we know just how to deliver measurable, reliable results. Every year, these “small” decisions for efficiency add up, generating hundreds of gallons of fuel savings. 

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