Always in Motion:

GTM + BSI Group

Published On: April 18th, 2016

While building our GTM Automotive Services product, we already knew who our key East Asian partner would be: BSI Group. Besides its proven logistics expertise, BSI is a long-time ally and friend to GTM.

Founded in 2000, BSI Group has quickly grown, opening 16 offices throughout Greater China, staffed by 500 talented employees and counting. It boasts a substantial general forwarding business division, as well as comprehensive supply chain, investment and IT services.

BSI Group

BSI’s award-winning services include ocean, air, and rail freight; trucking; customs clearance; breakbulk; and courier and charter services. The company is also a highly-ranked air freight cargo agent and private logistics enterprise, consistently receiving international accolades for its operations, sales, communications and regional leadership.

Together, GTM and BSI offer premium international logistics services to clients in China and North America. With its diverse offerings and proven knowledge of the automotive market, BSI is a natural partner to serve our global automotive customers.

Both GTM and BSI are independent freight forwarders. Our staff carefully manages customers’ cargo, meeting all logistics and supply chain needs. We’re confident our partnership results in services comparable to those of any multinational company.

Robert Gruschow (Deshler Group), Emmett Zheng (BSI), Wilson Wong (BSI) and Mark Brodie (GTM)

Robert Gruschow (Deshler Group), Emmett Zheng (BSI), Wilson Wong (BSI) and Mark Brodie (GTM)

Our affiliation also reaches beyond our respective nations. We’re both hand-picked members of the Elite Global Logistics Network (EGLN), which identifies and connects premium freight forwarders to customers around the world.

Further, we both work closely with automakers and auto suppliers, so we understand this key industry quite well. Together, we’ve developed a premium, global, door-to-door automotive product. We serve our customers by drawing upon our individual service offerings and assets, including our trucking fleet, customs clearance expertise, and large contracts with key international ocean and air carriers.

The GTM/BSI Group team embodies excellence across all transport modes, ensuring your shipments arrive safely and on time. Our clients value our proven reliability and exceptional customer service.

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