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GTM + O’Brien Customs & Forwarding

Published On: April 27th, 2016


When we developed GTM Automotive Services, we were determined to reach all our customers, domestic and international. How? By calling upon our solid global partners like O’Brien Customs & Forwarding. A well-known independent freight forwarder, O’Brien offers substantial expertise in logistics and IT for our customers in Australia.

Founded in 1996, O’Brien Customs & Forwarding is based in Melbourne, Australia. The company employs several licensed, in-house customs brokers and is a Regulated Air Cargo Agent (RACA). O’Brien is accredited for hazardous goods transport and has won awards for support and operations.

O’Brien Customs & Forwarding

O’Brien’s award-winning, multi-modal transportation capabilities include door-to-door transport, dangerous and oversized cargo handling, and an online freight tracking system, making it a natural service provider for our global auto customers. O’Brien is a founding member of the Freight & Trade Alliance of Australia (FTA) and has been commended by the Australian government for its aid efforts in East Timor and the Solomon Islands.

Together, GTM and O’Brien provide premium international logistics products to clients in Australia and beyond. Combining careful freight management, a 24/7 track and trace system, and hazardous and special cargo expertise, we are well-positioned for continuing success in the automotive market.

Both of our companies are independent freight forwarders. We personally oversee customer cargo, reducing overhead and increasing efficiency. Because of our strong alliance, we can offer services comparable to a larger company.

Shane and Jan O’Brien with GTM’s Mark Brodie

Shane and Jan O’Brien with GTM’s Mark Brodie

We build upon our partnership with our membership in the Elite Global Logistics Network (EGLN), which identifies and connects premium freight forwarders to customers on every continent.

Both GTM and O’Brien have built close relationships with automakers and auto suppliers, and we fully understand this key industry. From this experience, we developed a premium, global, door-to-door automotive product. We draw upon our individual service offerings and assets, including our trucking fleet, customs clearance expertise, and large contracts with key ocean and air carriers, to serve our international customers.

The GTM/O’Brien team embodies excellence across all transport modes, ensuring your shipments arrive safely and on time. Our clients value our proven reliability and exceptional customer service.

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