Always in Motion:

GTM Picks Up Local Freight and New Faces

Published On: September 22nd, 2015

At GTM, we’ve begun a rapid expansion of our local pick-up and delivery (PU&D) service. Our full-service offerings are now comprehensive and available to virtually any customer.


Our partners are international and our shipments reach across the globe, but we are particularly proud to call the Detroit area home. Serving our area, no matter the size or type of shipment, has long been one of our primary goals.

Through our new PU&D service, we offer our customers rapid, carefully managed, high-value transport of goods, both inbound and outbound.

Heading up our PU&D expansion is GTM sales manager Gordon O’Leary.

Mr. O’Leary brings decades of successful trucking expansion experience with him to GTM. Since 1984, he has more than tripled growth for multiple companies and has established an unrivaled reputation in his industry for efficiency, creativity and honesty. He is known for delivering on his promises, without exception, and for doing whatever it takes to exceed his customers’ expectations.


To succeed in this industry, you have “to want to get your hands dirty and to show you have the will to do whatever is needed. If you promise you’ll do a job, then you must always do it. That’s my track record and that’s how you build rapport with your customers,” says Mr. O’Leary

That determination to do whatever is necessary, to find the most efficient method, and to finish the job promised: this is also GTM’s philosophy. In fact, this company-wide commitment, demonstrated across all capabilities we offer, is why Mr. O’Leary decided to join our team.

While we’ve always been willing to exceed our customers’ expectations, we also know that efficiency is good for all parties. The more shipments we’re moving around our metro area, the better value for our customers.

We’ve long had the basic ability to do local PU&D, but moving small items, traveling all over Detroit and surrounding cities and collecting shipments here and there isn’t always the most efficient approach. However, adding capacity and augmenting our customer base have already changed this.

We still serve the entire Detroit metropolitan area, but now we make more pick-ups and deliveries and we are able to accommodate many last-minute requests.


How does more work translate into more efficiency?

GTM uses a custom-built “in house transportation management system that works exceedingly well,” says Joe Field, GTM’s Senior Director – Operations for North America. “We enter our orders, run an optimization process to determine the best way to run our routes, while carefully considering time constraints and size and amount of freight.”

Our goal is 100% efficiency. An objective that includes both scheduled freight and special requests. At times, customers have urgent freight needs and unusual requirements. We are determined to accommodate them, working extra pickups into our trucking schedules, being flexible, and doing whatever our customers need.

Our past growth initiatives were focused on high yield, quick turn, resource-light shipments. As we develop our PU&D service, we will continue concentrating primarily on Detroit and the surrounding airports and counties, but hope to expand into other metro markets in the near future.

In addition to our PU&D capability, we offer freight consolidation at our warehouses, cross docking, and short- or long-term warehousing storage.

Partnered with Deshler Group in Livonia, we have direct access to leaders in manufacturing, assembly, supply chain management and IT. Together, we work to craft comprehensive solutions for all sizes and types of companies. We’re the logistics piece of the puzzle at Deshler, and we find our multiple capabilities work well within the organization.

Expanding the Fleet

We’ve already substantially expanded our fleet of trucks. and plan to double these numbers in the near future. At the same time, we are working toward creating more efficiencies with our internal vs. external freight.

GTM serves an impressive variety of customers. Automakers and automotive suppliers were our foundation, but we now serve a wide range of industries as well. We offer exclusive vehicles, with carefully chosen, highly experienced drivers. Our new vehicle line, still growing, includes transportation types from cargo van size to full-size 53’ tractor trailers.

As we expand PU&D, we are already set up for success. We offer careful monitoring and rapid movement of goods in all our services, now including PU&D.

Contact us to arrange inbound and outbound freight for your company. We look forward to our conversation. Look for us on a highway near you!