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Why launch GTM Automotive Services now? Because we have amassed a brilliant international team, including our partner in Mexico, Transport Acción. Since 1976, Transport Acción has been an essential actor in US-Mexico trade. As Mexico has become the world’s seventh largest automaker, with this rapid growth expected to continue, Transport Acción’s role has also increased. With six locations in key cities in Mexico, Transport Acción has an established presence in the country’s major manufacturing centers.   Transport Acción’s award-winning, multi-modal transportation services include customs brokerage, NAFTA export/import expertise, and expedited freight capabilities. As the first Mexican logistics company to build a multiservice computer system to manage its offerings, Transport Acción also offers a technological edge. GTM has teamed up with Transport Acción to offer premium international logistics services to clients in Mexico and throughout North America. With its diverse offerings and proven knowledge of the automotive market, Transport Acción is a natural partner to serve both of our global automotive customers. Both of our companies are independent freight forwarders. This means that our staff will always give personal attention to clients’ cargo, meeting all of our customers’ logistics and supply chain needs. Our combined services are efficient, value-conscious and comprehensive. Recently, Mark Brodie, GTM’s Founder and Managing Member, met with Transport Acción executives in Mexico to discuss our combined door-to-door service offerings to and from Mexico. Transport Acción’s Luis Frias, Director; Martin Garcia Vivanco, Transportation Relations Manager; and Hugo Briones, Auto Industry Division Director discussed details of our companies’ air, ocean, warehousing and trucking capabilities. In particular, Mr. Briones’ years of logistics, purchasing, and assembly management experience with major automakers will help us to continue meeting the complex requirements of the automotive industry.   Transport Acción’s [...]

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Introducing GTM Automotive Services

Today, we’re proud to announce the official launch of GTM Automotive Services. Since we’ve worked closely with automakers and auto suppliers for many years, we already know the industry inside and out. Now we’re growing our offerings, joining with GTM’s strongest international partners to expand our global reach. Building on our successful international alliances, we have developed a premium, global, door-to-door automotive product. We serve our customers by drawing upon our individual service offerings and assets, including our trucking fleet, customs clearance expertise, and large contracts with key international ocean and air carriers.   With our hand-picked group of independent freight forwarders, we reach clients on every continent. Our shared capabilities allow us to maintain personal management of customer cargo, while increasing efficiency and reducing overhead costs. Together, we offer complete services that are comparable to those of any multinational freight forwarder. We’re also members of the Elite Global Logistics Network (EGLN). This organization includes more than 200 highly qualified, financially sound, independent companies that cover more than 100 countries with a combined staff of 20,000 and growing. Why Choose GTM Automotive Services? Our history is Detroit, our reach is global. The Michigan-based automotive industry remains essential to the greater U.S. economy. Its vast supplier and logistics network — in which we’ve been immersed for decades — is unlike any other. In fact, today’s international automotive marketplace demands a flawlessly managed and responsive supply chain. Without an effective logistics partner, companies risk interrupted production lines and unexpected, often crippling expenses. That’s where GTM comes in. Our Michigan headquarters, automotive experience, and established infrastructure give us a clear edge. We enjoy easy access to the continental U.S. and have direct knowledge of what makes an automotive [...]

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