GTM + Transport Acción

Why launch GTM Automotive Services now? Because we have amassed a brilliant international team, including our partner in Mexico, Transport Acción. Since 1976, Transport Acción has been an essential actor in US-Mexico trade. As Mexico has become the world’s seventh largest automaker, with this rapid growth expected to continue, Transport Acción’s role has also increased. With six locations in key cities in Mexico, Transport Acción has an established presence in the country’s major manufacturing centers.   Transport Acción’s award-winning, multi-modal transportation services include customs brokerage, NAFTA export/import expertise, and expedited freight capabilities. As the first Mexican logistics company to build a multiservice computer system to manage its offerings, Transport Acción also offers a technological edge. GTM has teamed up with Transport Acción to offer premium international logistics services to clients in Mexico and throughout North America. With its diverse offerings and proven knowledge of the automotive market, Transport Acción is a natural partner to serve both of our global automotive customers. Both of our companies are independent freight forwarders. This means that our staff will always give personal attention to clients’ cargo, meeting all of our customers’ logistics and supply chain needs. Our combined services are efficient, value-conscious and comprehensive. Recently, Mark Brodie, GTM’s Founder and Managing Member, met with Transport Acción executives in Mexico to discuss our combined door-to-door service offerings to and from Mexico. Transport Acción’s Luis Frias, Director; Martin Garcia Vivanco, Transportation Relations Manager; and Hugo Briones, Auto Industry Division Director discussed details of our companies’ air, ocean, warehousing and trucking capabilities. In particular, Mr. Briones’ years of logistics, purchasing, and assembly management experience with major automakers will help us to continue meeting the complex requirements of the automotive industry.   Transport Acción’s [...]

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GTM Picks Up Local Freight and New Faces

At GTM, we’ve begun a rapid expansion of our local pick-up and delivery (PU&D) service. Our full-service offerings are now comprehensive and available to virtually any customer. Our partners are international and our shipments reach across the globe, but we are particularly proud to call the Detroit area home. Serving our area, no matter the size or type of shipment, has long been one of our primary goals. Through our new PU&D service, we offer our customers rapid, carefully managed, high-value transport of goods, both inbound and outbound. Heading up our PU&D expansion is GTM sales manager Gordon O’Leary. Mr. O’Leary brings decades of successful trucking expansion experience with him to GTM. Since 1984, he has more than tripled growth for multiple companies and has established an unrivaled reputation in his industry for efficiency, creativity and honesty. He is known for delivering on his promises, without exception, and for doing whatever it takes to exceed his customers’ expectations. To succeed in this industry, you have “to want to get your hands dirty and to show you have the will to do whatever is needed. If you promise you’ll do a job, then you must always do it. That’s my track record and that’s how you build rapport with your customers,” says Mr. O’Leary That determination to do whatever is necessary, to find the most efficient method, and to finish the job promised: this is also GTM’s philosophy. In fact, this company-wide commitment, demonstrated across all capabilities we offer, is why Mr. O’Leary decided to join our team. While we’ve always been willing to exceed our customers’ expectations, we also know that efficiency is good for all parties. The more shipments we’re moving around our metro [...]

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Why Do I Need A Customs Broker?

Potential customers often ask us this question. You’re not required by law to have one, but you do need one. Here’s why. 1st - Customs brokers take care of your paperwork and filing. No more filling out endless forms. No more hours of researching tariff classifications and duty rates. 2nd - Customs brokers are licensed and regulated by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). After passing a rigorous exam issued by CBP, a broker can conduct business on an importer’s behalf. 3rd - We are your agent and work directly with CBP. We advise you on importing requirements, file your entry documents, obtain bonds and deposit U.S. import duties. We make sure your goods are released and properly delivered. We do all of it for you. At GTM, we combine the expertise of our in-house customs broker and global professional network for a comprehensive customs brokering experience. We also use sophisticated tracking systems to ensure swift clearance. GTM is C-TPAT-certified and is a member of the Global Logistics Network (GLN), the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Lognet Global. Our memberships allow us to efficiently and accurately deliver your shipments worldwide. Import and export regulations frequently change and are vastly different from country to country. With our assistance, you will always be in compliance with local regulations. GTM’s customs broker will help your goods move through customs and arrive safely and on time. Satisfying your customers and strengthening your business relationships is important to you. It’s important to us too.

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