GTM Picks Up Local Freight and New Faces

At GTM, we’ve begun a rapid expansion of our local pick-up and delivery (PU&D) service. Our full-service offerings are now comprehensive and available to virtually any customer. Our partners are international and our shipments reach across the globe, but we are particularly proud to call the Detroit area home. Serving our area, no matter the size or type of shipment, has long been one of our primary goals. Through our new PU&D service, we offer our customers rapid, carefully managed, high-value transport of goods, both inbound and outbound. Heading up our PU&D expansion is GTM sales manager Gordon O’Leary. Mr. O’Leary brings decades of successful trucking expansion experience with him to GTM. Since 1984, he has more than tripled growth for multiple companies and has established an unrivaled reputation in his industry for efficiency, creativity and honesty. He is known for delivering on his promises, without exception, and for doing whatever it takes to exceed his customers’ expectations. To succeed in this industry, you have “to want to get your hands dirty and to show you have the will to do whatever is needed. If you promise you’ll do a job, then you must always do it. That’s my track record and that’s how you build rapport with your customers,” says Mr. O’Leary That determination to do whatever is necessary, to find the most efficient method, and to finish the job promised: this is also GTM’s philosophy. In fact, this company-wide commitment, demonstrated across all capabilities we offer, is why Mr. O’Leary decided to join our team. While we’ve always been willing to exceed our customers’ expectations, we also know that efficiency is good for all parties. The more shipments we’re moving around our metro [...]

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GTM Incorporating Asset-Based Trucking Program

Since our founding, GTM has experienced accelerating customer growth, with increased demand for our services across all modes of transport. Last year, we began transforming our company’s trucking service to support this success. Though we have been exclusively non-asset based until this year, we are now building our own trucking fleet to better serve our customers throughout North America. Incorporating asset-based transportation into our service portfolio was an easy decision to make. Using our own fleet of equipment allows us to impressively complement our existing services by delivering more value to our customers. With GTM-branded trucks, we exert greater control over orders and enjoy increased visibility. Of course, we will always value our relationships with our partner carriers. Yet nothing compares to seeing GTM trucks -- freshly wrapped with our logo and photos of our services  -- delivering orders to our customers or driving on the highway. At press time, we already have seven trucks out on the road. We’ve started with four tractors/semis and three straight trucks, but will be adding more soon. Our targeted growth in 2015  -- we estimate at least a 30% increase in sales -- will clearly demand additional assets. More trucks = more jobs. As new trucks come on board, we’ll also need to add more driver positions. Our associates are a valued part of the GTM family, and we look forward to adding additional team members. We maintain an open requisition policy and are continuously recruiting associates with experience and integrity. The Open Road “Our focus now is on the Great Lakes states -- Michigan, Indiana and Ohio -- but we do have 48-state authority,” said Joe Field, GTM’s Director of North American Transportation Services. “We could place [...]

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