GTM Supports Team Fox Detroit’s Fundraising Efforts

  Team Fox Detroit brings community, medical experts and new donors together to raise over $1.1 million for cutting-edge Parkinson’s research LIVONIA, Michigan - Livonia-based global logistics firm Global Transportation Management (GTM) has joined a growing base of donors to support the work of Team Fox Detroit, a Southeast Michigan-based advocacy group dedicated to helping find a cure and new therapies that improve the quality of life for people living with Parkinson’s disease.  Team Fox Detroit has created a thriving fundraising organization which has raised over $1.1 million for Parkinson’s research since its founding. Most recently, GTM supported Team Fox Detroit’s 2021 golf outing as a silver-level sponsor, and is working to spread the word to other businesses to join them in building the group’s momentum. For GTM’s co-owners Robert Gruschow and Mark Brodie, they view Team Fox Detroit’s demonstrated commitment to maximize the impact of every dollar to directly funding high-quality research as an invitation for other companies, big or small, to join in this effort. “It’s very empowering for us, as a company that lives by the success of every single shipment we deliver, to put our support behind a grassroots organization like this, which has such a clear and measurable impact on this disease, and is posting new results constantly,” said Brodie.  “When you look at the benefits that Team Fox Detroit brings to the community as a whole, not only the fundraising, but the sense of community and common purpose, connecting friends and loved ones with the latest information regarding emerging therapies, we can see that our contributions are making a difference, and that we’re an active part of finding a cure.” For GTM, leading with philanthropic donations is nothing new, [...]

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GTM Commences North Carolina Operations

  Global Transportation Management commences North Carolina operations as EGGER Wood Products’ Lexington plant moves ahead with production and distribution LEXINGTON, North Carolina – International logistics firm Global Transportation Management (GTM USA), headquartered in Michigan, has started logistics operations as the dedicated carrier for EGGER Wood Products’ production facility in Lexington, North Carolina, building upon GTM’s ongoing partnership with the international wood-based materials manufacturer and supplier. The five-year commitment between GTM and EGGER is a continuation of a successful relationship started in 2016, and marks the next phase of expanding EGGER’s continental distribution network from its first North American facility. Headquartered in Tyrol, Austria, EGGER is a leading manufacturer and supplier of wood-based materials to the construction, flooring and furniture industries. Their partnership with GTM in North Carolina advances development of the company’s North American presence, establishing a network of warehouses and freight-forwarders across the U.S. and Canada. “Our team worked very diligently, both in the office and out on the road, to make this partnership with EGGER a reality, and we’ve put a strong focus on aligning with their values over the last three-and-a-half years, adapting and integrating our operations with the systems already in place at EGGER,” said Mark Brodie, founder and managing partner of GTM.  “We’ve logged hundreds of hours with key members of our team, training in both the U.S. and in Austria, to get hands-on training with EGGER’s IT systems and standard procedures, and the growth of our partnership really speaks to the value of our investment in building a shared commitment to expertise and trust.” Concurrent with construction of the particleboard manufacturing and lamination facility in Lexington, GTM began their relationship with EGGER in 2016, serving as a storage [...]

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EGLN in Vietnam: Building International Partnerships

We’ve just returned from our trip to the Elite Global Logistics Network’s annual conference in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. We joined more than 200 delegates from fellow high-level international logistics firms at the InterContinental Saigon Hotel for this year’s gathering. GTM was also honored to serve as a conference sponsor. A leading global network of proven logistics companies, EGLN member firms are all known for offering “best in class” customer service. Membership includes successful, multi-service freight forwarders and is by invitation only. It is an honor to be asked to become a member of this network. EGLN has grown quickly since its founding, and, as of October 2017, includes 329 members from 131 countries. The organization’s 214 companies work out of more than 300 cities, driving $7.3 billion in annual gross revenue. EGLN’s reach is broad, with 24,000 employees working out of 577 offices across the globe. GTM staff traveling to EGLN this year included Mark Brodie, GTM’s Managing Member and Co-Owner; Robert Gruschow, GTM Managing Member and President of Deshler Group; Mike Unsworth, Senior Director of International Branch Operations; Joe Field, Senior Director of Operations, North America; and Carol Hardy, Director of Export Operations. GTM served as an EGLN conference sponsor. This must-attend annual conference includes one-on-one meetings, both in our booth and in a large ballroom, as well as cultural and social events and group discussions. During these meetings, we build relationships, discuss business practices, talk expansion and services, and strengthen our ties with our international allies. GTM's Joe Field and Mike Unsworth meet with Ng Jen Ny of Nys Shipping & Forwarding The essential part of each meeting? Discussing how we can partner with one another to [...]

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Back to Bangkok: GTM Attends EGLN Conference

We’re off to the 2nd Annual Elite Global Logistics Network (EGLN) Conference in Bangkok, Thailand, to be held on October 2-5, 2016. As EGLN members and conference sponsors, we’re delighted to be returning this year. EGLN is a highly-respected international network of elite-level logistics companies that offer uncompromising customer service. Our fellow EGLN members are here by invitation and because they’re proven leaders in efficiency and dependability. As of late 2016, EGLN has grown to include 196 members from 127 countries, employing 21,000 staff and generating $7 billion in annual revenue. It’s a partnership of equals working together to deliver peerless service across the globe. Attending this year’s conference are Mark Brodie, GTM’s Founder, Managing Member and Co-Owner; Robert Gruschow, Managing Member at GTM and President of Deshler Group; Lisa Lunsford, CEO of GS3 Global, a valued GTM partner; Joe Field, GTM’s Senior Director of Operations, North America; and Brian Pagels, Import/Export Specialist at GTM. As we arrive at the five-star Landmark Hotel, our team will be joining fellow EGLN members for various welcoming and social events, group activities and one-on-one meetings. These small, intimate meetings are our most important arena. During these discussions, we build and strengthen alliances with our valued international partners, new and old. This year, we’re particularly focused on sharing our GTM Automotive Services offering. We’ve built a premium, global, door-to-door automotive product, which we offer to customers around the world. We’ve partnered with several hand-picked and highly valued international partners to deliver this service. We combine our best assets and capabilities, from customs clearance and special handling expertise, to our long-established air, ocean and trucking services, to offer a streamlined logistics experience for any automotive customer. We’re based in Michigan, [...]

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Driving Towards a Hunger Free Summer

Thousands of Metro Detroit kids experience hunger in the summer. Without school meals, unavailable during summer vacation, these students are left with vastly insufficient food resources. This situation adversely impacts their health and ability to thrive. Gleaners Community Food Bank, with an assist from local partners like GTM, is doing something about it. On June 15, 2016, a team from GTM, including Managing Members Mark Brodie and Robert Gruschow, joined leaders from Citizens Bank, Ford Motor Company Fund, Enterprise, Gardner White Furniture and others, to kick off Gleaners’ 2016 Hunger Free Summer campaign.   At Gleaners’ Southeast Michigan headquarters, we helped pack food, recorded messages of support for the Hunger Free Summer campaign, and networked with other Gleaners’ corporate and community partners. Students from Detroit’s Noble Elementary School also were in attendance, participating in kickoff activities and touring the distribution center.   “I thought the experience was eye-opening and it made me feel good to be part of supporting such a great organization and cause. Getting food to hungry people is so needed. I’m glad we are starting to get involved with such a great organization,” said Mark Brodie after the event. Through its distribution centers in five Metro Detroit counties, Gleaners collects 34.5 million pounds of food a year, channeling food to 535 soup kitchens, homeless shelters and food pantries and providing 79,000 meals a day to hungry Michiganders. Serving upwards of 85,000 children each summer, Gleaners helps bridge a crucial gap when school lunches are unavailable. At more than 80 sites, nutritious meals are provided to young people who would otherwise, quite literally, have nothing to eat. To effectively reach the greatest number of children in need, rapid, pinpoint food distribution is essential. [...]

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Introducing GTM Automotive Services

Today, we’re proud to announce the official launch of GTM Automotive Services. Since we’ve worked closely with automakers and auto suppliers for many years, we already know the industry inside and out. Now we’re growing our offerings, joining with GTM’s strongest international partners to expand our global reach. Building on our successful international alliances, we have developed a premium, global, door-to-door automotive product. We serve our customers by drawing upon our individual service offerings and assets, including our trucking fleet, customs clearance expertise, and large contracts with key international ocean and air carriers.   With our hand-picked group of independent freight forwarders, we reach clients on every continent. Our shared capabilities allow us to maintain personal management of customer cargo, while increasing efficiency and reducing overhead costs. Together, we offer complete services that are comparable to those of any multinational freight forwarder. We’re also members of the Elite Global Logistics Network (EGLN). This organization includes more than 200 highly qualified, financially sound, independent companies that cover more than 100 countries with a combined staff of 20,000 and growing. Why Choose GTM Automotive Services? Our history is Detroit, our reach is global. The Michigan-based automotive industry remains essential to the greater U.S. economy. Its vast supplier and logistics network — in which we’ve been immersed for decades — is unlike any other. In fact, today’s international automotive marketplace demands a flawlessly managed and responsive supply chain. Without an effective logistics partner, companies risk interrupted production lines and unexpected, often crippling expenses. That’s where GTM comes in. Our Michigan headquarters, automotive experience, and established infrastructure give us a clear edge. We enjoy easy access to the continental U.S. and have direct knowledge of what makes an automotive [...]

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GTM Attending Inaugural EGLN Conference

This week, GTM executives are attending the Elite Global Logistics Network (EGLN) First Inaugural Annual Conference in Bangkok, Thailand. We will be meeting with leadership from many of our valued international partners. For GTM, 2015 has been a year of substantial growth. We’ve added new capabilities for our customers, including our local pick-up and delivery (PU&D) service. We also successfully navigated the challenges of the West Coast ports crisis. We developed winning solutions for our customers and further strengthened our reputation for always offering quick thinking and a creative approach. EGLN is a new network of elite-level logistics companies that offer superior services to their customers. Membership is by invitation only and includes high-quality freight forwarders whose work is proven, efficient and dependable. We are honored to be included in this elite group of logistics professionals. By the close of 2016, EGLN expects more than 250 members from 100 countries. With 12,000 staff and projected annual revenues of $4 billion, EGLN is poised to make a lasting mark on the logistics industry. As a member of EGLN, we will continue to offer our comprehensive spectrum of logistics services. However, we now also possess an unparalleled constellation of international partners to support our offerings. While at the conference, we will engage in one-on-one meetings with many of the 130+ delegates, revisiting old friendships and building new relationships. We will spend time with many of our partners, discussing business possibilities and joining in cultural and social activities. Upon our return, we’ll share news of our travels and of friends old and new, perhaps with a little adventure thrown in. Stay tuned to our blog, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to keep up with the latest [...]

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GTM Incorporating Asset-Based Trucking Program

Since our founding, GTM has experienced accelerating customer growth, with increased demand for our services across all modes of transport. Last year, we began transforming our company’s trucking service to support this success. Though we have been exclusively non-asset based until this year, we are now building our own trucking fleet to better serve our customers throughout North America. Incorporating asset-based transportation into our service portfolio was an easy decision to make. Using our own fleet of equipment allows us to impressively complement our existing services by delivering more value to our customers. With GTM-branded trucks, we exert greater control over orders and enjoy increased visibility. Of course, we will always value our relationships with our partner carriers. Yet nothing compares to seeing GTM trucks -- freshly wrapped with our logo and photos of our services  -- delivering orders to our customers or driving on the highway. At press time, we already have seven trucks out on the road. We’ve started with four tractors/semis and three straight trucks, but will be adding more soon. Our targeted growth in 2015  -- we estimate at least a 30% increase in sales -- will clearly demand additional assets. More trucks = more jobs. As new trucks come on board, we’ll also need to add more driver positions. Our associates are a valued part of the GTM family, and we look forward to adding additional team members. We maintain an open requisition policy and are continuously recruiting associates with experience and integrity. The Open Road “Our focus now is on the Great Lakes states -- Michigan, Indiana and Ohio -- but we do have 48-state authority,” said Joe Field, GTM’s Director of North American Transportation Services. “We could place [...]

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GLN 2014: New Partnerships, Stronger Alliances

We’re back from our annual trip to Thailand, bringing new friends, renewed partnerships and many stories. Attending the Global Logistics Network (GLN) Conference is always one of the year’s highlights for us. This year was no exception. The GTM booth at the GLN Conference As a global freight forwarder / NVOCC, we spent four days visiting, conversing, planning and strategizing. We also identified the freight forwarding companies within GLN that will provide our global customers with the best service and pricing available in the market. For this year’s conference, our focus was two-fold. We wanted to develop relationships with our BRIC country partners. We also hoped to cultivate stronger alliances with our fellow GLN members from around the world. GLN Conference attendees Forming deep international alliances with our logistics partners is essential to GTM’s success. Among Chinese logistics firms, GTM is close to five-year partner BSI (Best Services International). BSI has 14 offices throughout China, including all ocean port cities and all major international airports. With more than 400 employees and $250 million in annual revenue, BSI is one of GTM’s stronger international partners. The annual revenues of the GTM-BSI alliance already exceed $10 million. BSI supports all of GTM’s international services, including warehousing, trucking, air freight, ocean freight, customs brokerage and project cargo handling. Robert Gruschow (GTM), Emmett Zheng (BSI), Wilson Wong (BSI) and Mark Brodie (GTM) We are continuing to grow and expand our partnership with BSI. In Thailand, we visited with our top European agents: Interfracht (Germany) Fioravanti Logistics Solutions (Italy) Ewals Cargo Care (Belgium) PSL Freight (England) TFS International (France) In GTM’s meetings with these partners, we developed a strategy to cover all door to [...]

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GTM Heads to Bangkok

This week, GTM leadership is preparing to depart for the Global Logistics Network (GLN) annual conference, to be held October 5-8, 2014, in Bangkok, Thailand. GLN is an international organization of freight forwarders and logistics companies united to successfully serve customers around the world. With a global presence that includes a staff of nearly 25,000, located in 621 offices in 318 cities throughout 125 countries. GLN handles over 6 million international shipments per year. GLN has long been our partner in success. Robert Gruschow of GTM in GLN One-on-One Meeting (Photo: GLN) We prize building and maintaining strong relationships with our international partners. Through our GLN membership, we easily and capably handle every customer’s global shipping needs. Indeed, we’ve been active members of GLN for 5 years and counting. GTM is proudly serving as a Gold Sponsor of this year’s conference. (Photo: GLN) We look forward to the conference every year. It’s our annual time to compare notes and break bread with our peers, in small one-on-one meetings and in larger groups. Last year’s event welcomed 320 delegates from 216 member companies! This is why attending the GLN conference is so important. GLN Conference Welcome Party 2013(Photo: GLN) Every year, we are delighted to meet fellow attendees, some for the first time. We check in with our partners from around the world. We also build new relationships and connections that will bear fruit for years to come. The new and renewed alliances GTM makes at the GLN conference are vital connections that translate into better service for our customers. Mark Brodie and Robert Gruschow, Managing Members/Co-Owners of GTM with GLN Partners(Photo: GLN) Service is something we take [...]

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