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GTM Incorporating Asset-Based Trucking Program

Since our founding, GTM has experienced accelerating customer growth, with increased demand for our services across all modes of transport. Last year, we began transforming our company’s trucking service to support this success. Though we have been exclusively non-asset based until this year, we are now building our own trucking fleet to better serve our customers throughout North America. Incorporating asset-based transportation into our service portfolio was an easy decision to make. Using our own fleet of equipment allows us to impressively complement our existing services by delivering more value to our customers. With GTM-branded trucks, we exert greater control over orders and enjoy increased visibility. Of course, we will always value our relationships with our partner carriers. Yet nothing compares to seeing GTM trucks -- freshly wrapped with our logo and photos of our services  -- delivering orders to our customers or driving on the highway. At press time, we already have seven trucks out on the road. We’ve started with four tractors/semis and three straight trucks, but will be adding more soon. Our targeted growth in 2015  -- we estimate at least a 30% increase in sales -- will clearly demand additional assets. More trucks = more jobs. As new trucks come on board, we’ll also need to add more driver positions. Our associates are a valued part of the GTM family, and we look forward to adding additional team members. We maintain an open requisition policy and are continuously recruiting associates with experience and integrity. The Open Road “Our focus now is on the Great Lakes states -- Michigan, Indiana and Ohio -- but we do have 48-state authority,” said Joe Field, GTM’s Director of North American Transportation Services. “We could place [...]

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GLN 2014: New Partnerships, Stronger Alliances

We’re back from our annual trip to Thailand, bringing new friends, renewed partnerships and many stories. Attending the Global Logistics Network (GLN) Conference is always one of the year’s highlights for us. This year was no exception. The GTM booth at the GLN Conference As a global freight forwarder / NVOCC, we spent four days visiting, conversing, planning and strategizing. We also identified the freight forwarding companies within GLN that will provide our global customers with the best service and pricing available in the market. For this year’s conference, our focus was two-fold. We wanted to develop relationships with our BRIC country partners. We also hoped to cultivate stronger alliances with our fellow GLN members from around the world. GLN Conference attendees Forming deep international alliances with our logistics partners is essential to GTM’s success. Among Chinese logistics firms, GTM is close to five-year partner BSI (Best Services International). BSI has 14 offices throughout China, including all ocean port cities and all major international airports. With more than 400 employees and $250 million in annual revenue, BSI is one of GTM’s stronger international partners. The annual revenues of the GTM-BSI alliance already exceed $10 million. BSI supports all of GTM’s international services, including warehousing, trucking, air freight, ocean freight, customs brokerage and project cargo handling. Robert Gruschow (GTM), Emmett Zheng (BSI), Wilson Wong (BSI) and Mark Brodie (GTM) We are continuing to grow and expand our partnership with BSI. In Thailand, we visited with our top European agents: Interfracht (Germany) Fioravanti Logistics Solutions (Italy) Ewals Cargo Care (Belgium) PSL Freight (England) TFS International (France) In GTM’s meetings with these partners, we developed a strategy to cover all door to [...]

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GTM Heads to Bangkok

This week, GTM leadership is preparing to depart for the Global Logistics Network (GLN) annual conference, to be held October 5-8, 2014, in Bangkok, Thailand. GLN is an international organization of freight forwarders and logistics companies united to successfully serve customers around the world. With a global presence that includes a staff of nearly 25,000, located in 621 offices in 318 cities throughout 125 countries. GLN handles over 6 million international shipments per year. GLN has long been our partner in success. Robert Gruschow of GTM in GLN One-on-One Meeting (Photo: GLN) We prize building and maintaining strong relationships with our international partners. Through our GLN membership, we easily and capably handle every customer’s global shipping needs. Indeed, we’ve been active members of GLN for 5 years and counting. GTM is proudly serving as a Gold Sponsor of this year’s conference. (Photo: GLN) We look forward to the conference every year. It’s our annual time to compare notes and break bread with our peers, in small one-on-one meetings and in larger groups. Last year’s event welcomed 320 delegates from 216 member companies! This is why attending the GLN conference is so important. GLN Conference Welcome Party 2013(Photo: GLN) Every year, we are delighted to meet fellow attendees, some for the first time. We check in with our partners from around the world. We also build new relationships and connections that will bear fruit for years to come. The new and renewed alliances GTM makes at the GLN conference are vital connections that translate into better service for our customers. Mark Brodie and Robert Gruschow, Managing Members/Co-Owners of GTM with GLN Partners(Photo: GLN) Service is something we take [...]

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GTM + GS3 Global: Strategic Partnership, Winning Solution

In 2012, Global Transportation Management, LLC (GTM) was already an aggressive, rapidly growing global freight forwarding company. To accelerate our global reach even further, GTM formed a strategic alliance with GS3 Global. GTM joined forces with GS3 Global to sell global transportation and logistics services worldwide. GS3 Global is a woman- and minority-owned fourth-party logistics firm (4PL), based in Livonia, Michigan and led by CEO Lisa Lunsford. It develops creative, value-added supply chain solutions for many Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. Lisa Lunsford, CEO of GS3 Global At GTM, we want our work and our relationships to reflect our customers, our staff, and our partnerships. Our strategic alliance with GS3 Global solidifies our commitment to growing in a more diverse way. Mark Brodie, Managing Member and Co-Owner of GTM, is committed to cultivating the company's ongoing internal diversity program. On a global scale, we can now reach a wider, more diverse customer base. A clientele that reflects the richly varied cultural makeup of the U.S. and our partners around the world. One that provides unrivaled access, competitive advantage, and wide-ranging benefits to all parties. This strategic alliance immediately proved a great success for both companies. On its end, GS3 Global provides a supply chain solution to its customers based on careful analysis of their needs. With GTM, it can offer more. GTM’s Global Freight Forwarding experience, licenses, staff, buying power and global agent network allow GS3 Global to provide a comprehensive range of services for both companies’ customers. Through this critical partnership, GTM and GS3 Global now offer their customers complete, door-to-door logistics solutions. Because of our alliance, we have secured more than $10 million in additional logistics business for our two [...]

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Why Do I Need A Customs Broker?

Potential customers often ask us this question. You’re not required by law to have one, but you do need one. Here’s why. 1st - Customs brokers take care of your paperwork and filing. No more filling out endless forms. No more hours of researching tariff classifications and duty rates. 2nd - Customs brokers are licensed and regulated by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). After passing a rigorous exam issued by CBP, a broker can conduct business on an importer’s behalf. 3rd - We are your agent and work directly with CBP. We advise you on importing requirements, file your entry documents, obtain bonds and deposit U.S. import duties. We make sure your goods are released and properly delivered. We do all of it for you. At GTM, we combine the expertise of our in-house customs broker and global professional network for a comprehensive customs brokering experience. We also use sophisticated tracking systems to ensure swift clearance. GTM is C-TPAT-certified and is a member of the Global Logistics Network (GLN), the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Lognet Global. Our memberships allow us to efficiently and accurately deliver your shipments worldwide. Import and export regulations frequently change and are vastly different from country to country. With our assistance, you will always be in compliance with local regulations. GTM’s customs broker will help your goods move through customs and arrive safely and on time. Satisfying your customers and strengthening your business relationships is important to you. It’s important to us too.

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Beyond the Bio: Mark Brodie

Mark Brodie - Managing Member/Co-Owner of GTM; VP of Transportation and Logistics for Deshler Group "I love this business. I've been doing it for 31 years." Mark Brodie has served as sales manager, sales director, global sales manager and branch manager in operational positions throughout his career. Ultimately, that experience gave him the ability to develop his own business in a very tough market. "As a young man out of school, I got my first taste of international transportation at a Midwest steamship line company called World Shipping. I learned from the ground floor, from being on the docks and working with stevedore companies negotiating labor hours and paying crews. I took care of ship needs in port - for both owner and cargo interests. In 1993 I moved into the freight forwarding industry with a global freight forwarder LEP International (now known as Agility). I was hired to come in and run their Detroit operation. I sold services globally – mostly concentrating on the Midwest customer base, which varied from major automotive and manufacturing companies to prominent retailers. After that it was UTI International. I ran Detroit operations and became an expert in warehouse, distribution, ocean freight, air freight, trucking and customs clearance. It has been a great industry. There's not much I haven't done." Modest Expectations Mark dreamed of owning a small freight forwarding company. In 2006 he founded Global Transportation Management LLC and went to work securing licenses and growing his client base. Turns out, he was a natural. "I like to help customers improve their supply chain. That means understanding their business, looking at their requirements on a door to door basis, combining volumes – putting the puzzle together and coming [...]

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GTM Builds New Relationships with Sechang Steel and A.C.E. Express, Inc.

Global Transportation Management, LLC (GTM) is a rapidly-growing global company providing total freight logistics service. We are a new member of the Lognet Global Network. We have recently secured a large Tier 2 automotive supplier called Sechang Steel, located in Seoul, Korea, via our partnership and utilization of the Lognet Global Agent, A.C.E. Express, Inc., located in Busan, Korea. Through this new network affiliation, GTM is able to offer a competitive door-to-door logistics program that surpasses most multinational global freight forwarding companies. This particular program encompasses inland pick-up and loading at the shipper’s door in Seoul; Korean Customs formalities, Ocean Freight and US Customs Clearance; US warehousing and distribution; and final inland delivery to its customer: Nexteer Automotive, located in Saginaw, Michigan. GTM and A.C.E. Express, through this network partnership, can now provide a true door-to-door supply chain program to other major automotive manufacturers purchasing auto parts from Korea. GTM looks forward to implementing this comprehensive distribution program for additional auto clients throughout the Lognet Global network. GTM is headquartered in Livonia, Michigan, offers more than 140,000 square feet of warehousing distribution, and services all the major OEMs, including Ford, GM, Chrysler, Nissan, Toyota, VW, Mercedes-Benz and Honda. We are very proud to be part of the Lognet Global Network and encourage other global network agents to form a collaboration similar to that we have recently enjoyed with A.C.E. Express. GTM has also invested in our own trucks to service many automotive suppliers throughout the Midwestern part of the US. We offer delivery from our headquarters in Livonia to anywhere throughout the Midwest and the US. GTM is Licensed by US Customs and Border Protection (CBP). Our state-of-the-art equipment allows us to interface electronically with [...]

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