GTM + Sevenseas Global Express Logistics

As we created our GTM Automotive Services product, we knew our partner in India would be an award-winning, rapidly growing company: Sevenseas Global Express Logistics. In addition to its highly regarded transportation expertise, Sevenseas was already a close ally of GTM in Asia. Founded in 2001, Sevenseas is a top ten emerging mid-sized company in India, with sixteen offices throughout the country. It offers a comprehensive, pan-India warehousing and transport division, as well as specialized marine spares and multiple commodity handling abilities.     Together, GTM and Sevenseas offer premium international logistics services to clients in India and North America. With its comprehensive offerings and proven knowledge of the automotive market, Sevenseas is a natural partner to serve our global automotive customers. Sevenseas’ award-winning services include multi-modal transportation, local and distance trucking, project cargo and warehousing. The company is IATA, MTO, FIATA, and D&B certified; has received awards for responsiveness and as a most valued logistics member; and was profiled as an emerging leader on India’s ET Now Channel. Both GTM and Sevenseas are independent freight forwarders. Our staff carefully manages our customers’ cargo, meeting all logistics and supply chain needs. We’re confident our partnership results in services comparable to any multinational company. Our affiliation also reaches beyond our respective nations. We’re both hand-picked members of the Elite Global Logistics Network (EGLN), which identifies and connects premium freight forwarders to customers around the world. Further, we both work closely with automakers and auto suppliers, so we understand this key industry quite well. Together, we’ve developed a premium, global, door-to-door automotive product. We serve our customers by drawing upon our individual service offerings and assets, including our trucking fleet, customs clearance expertise, and large contracts with [...]

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GTM + O’Brien Customs & Forwarding

  When we developed GTM Automotive Services, we were determined to reach all our customers, domestic and international. How? By calling upon our solid global partners like O’Brien Customs & Forwarding. A well-known independent freight forwarder, O’Brien offers substantial expertise in logistics and IT for our customers in Australia. Founded in 1996, O’Brien Customs & Forwarding is based in Melbourne, Australia. The company employs several licensed, in-house customs brokers and is a Regulated Air Cargo Agent (RACA). O’Brien is accredited for hazardous goods transport and has won awards for support and operations.   O’Brien’s award-winning, multi-modal transportation capabilities include door-to-door transport, dangerous and oversized cargo handling, and an online freight tracking system, making it a natural service provider for our global auto customers. O’Brien is a founding member of the Freight & Trade Alliance of Australia (FTA) and has been commended by the Australian government for its aid efforts in East Timor and the Solomon Islands. Together, GTM and O’Brien provide premium international logistics products to clients in Australia and beyond. Combining careful freight management, a 24/7 track and trace system, and hazardous and special cargo expertise, we are well-positioned for continuing success in the automotive market. Both of our companies are independent freight forwarders. We personally oversee customer cargo, reducing overhead and increasing efficiency. Because of our strong alliance, we can offer services comparable to a larger company. Shane and Jan O’Brien with GTM’s Mark Brodie We build upon our partnership with our membership in the Elite Global Logistics Network (EGLN), which identifies and connects premium freight forwarders to customers on every continent. Both GTM and O’Brien have built close relationships with automakers and auto suppliers, and we fully understand this key industry. From [...]

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Introducing GTM Automotive Services

Today, we’re proud to announce the official launch of GTM Automotive Services. Since we’ve worked closely with automakers and auto suppliers for many years, we already know the industry inside and out. Now we’re growing our offerings, joining with GTM’s strongest international partners to expand our global reach. Building on our successful international alliances, we have developed a premium, global, door-to-door automotive product. We serve our customers by drawing upon our individual service offerings and assets, including our trucking fleet, customs clearance expertise, and large contracts with key international ocean and air carriers.   With our hand-picked group of independent freight forwarders, we reach clients on every continent. Our shared capabilities allow us to maintain personal management of customer cargo, while increasing efficiency and reducing overhead costs. Together, we offer complete services that are comparable to those of any multinational freight forwarder. We’re also members of the Elite Global Logistics Network (EGLN). This organization includes more than 200 highly qualified, financially sound, independent companies that cover more than 100 countries with a combined staff of 20,000 and growing. Why Choose GTM Automotive Services? Our history is Detroit, our reach is global. The Michigan-based automotive industry remains essential to the greater U.S. economy. Its vast supplier and logistics network — in which we’ve been immersed for decades — is unlike any other. In fact, today’s international automotive marketplace demands a flawlessly managed and responsive supply chain. Without an effective logistics partner, companies risk interrupted production lines and unexpected, often crippling expenses. That’s where GTM comes in. Our Michigan headquarters, automotive experience, and established infrastructure give us a clear edge. We enjoy easy access to the continental U.S. and have direct knowledge of what makes an automotive [...]

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GTM + GS3 Global: Strategic Partnership, Winning Solution

In 2012, Global Transportation Management, LLC (GTM) was already an aggressive, rapidly growing global freight forwarding company. To accelerate our global reach even further, GTM formed a strategic alliance with GS3 Global. GTM joined forces with GS3 Global to sell global transportation and logistics services worldwide. GS3 Global is a woman- and minority-owned fourth-party logistics firm (4PL), based in Livonia, Michigan and led by CEO Lisa Lunsford. It develops creative, value-added supply chain solutions for many Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. Lisa Lunsford, CEO of GS3 Global At GTM, we want our work and our relationships to reflect our customers, our staff, and our partnerships. Our strategic alliance with GS3 Global solidifies our commitment to growing in a more diverse way. Mark Brodie, Managing Member and Co-Owner of GTM, is committed to cultivating the company's ongoing internal diversity program. On a global scale, we can now reach a wider, more diverse customer base. A clientele that reflects the richly varied cultural makeup of the U.S. and our partners around the world. One that provides unrivaled access, competitive advantage, and wide-ranging benefits to all parties. This strategic alliance immediately proved a great success for both companies. On its end, GS3 Global provides a supply chain solution to its customers based on careful analysis of their needs. With GTM, it can offer more. GTM’s Global Freight Forwarding experience, licenses, staff, buying power and global agent network allow GS3 Global to provide a comprehensive range of services for both companies’ customers. Through this critical partnership, GTM and GS3 Global now offer their customers complete, door-to-door logistics solutions. Because of our alliance, we have secured more than $10 million in additional logistics business for our two [...]

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