GTM + Interfracht

When we wanted to ensure GTM Automotive Services expertly covered Germany and the European Union, we turned to Interfracht, our long-term German logistics partner. Since 1972, Interfracht has served a growing list of global clients. Its 350-member team staffs offices in Germany, Japan and the U.S., as well Poland, Sweden, Romania and the Netherlands. Its diverse capabilities include professional shipment of all types of vehicles and rapid ocean services.   Interfracht’s award-winning, multi-modal transportation services also include complex shipments, dangerous goods, high and heavy cargo, food, and international relocation, perfectly complementing our global automotive offerings. Interfracht is C-TPAT and IATA certified, is an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO-F) and has won several quality service awards from its shipping partners. GTM and Interfracht together provide premium international logistics products to clients in Germany and throughout Europe. Our careful freight management, streamlined tracking system, and special cargo expertise make us a valuable addition to the automotive market. Interfracht is a perfect partner to serve our international automotive customers. Both GTM and Interfracht are independent freight forwarders. We personally oversee customer cargo, increasing efficiency and meeting supply chain requirements. Through our strong alliance, we offer services comparable to those of any multinational company. GTM and Interfracht at EGLN 2015 Enhancing the GTM/Interfracht partnership is our mutual membership in the Elite Global Logistics Network (EGLN). Only competent, financially sound companies are invited to join EGLN, allowing us access to the finest international forwarding opportunities for our global customers. Both of our companies have built close relationships with automakers and auto suppliers, and we fully understand this key industry. From this experience, we developed a premium, global, door-to-door automotive product. We draw upon our individual service offerings and assets, including our [...]

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GTM + The PSL Group

Customers choose GTM Automotive Services because of the expertise and reliability of our partners. For cargo movement in the United Kingdom and continental Europe, The PSL Group is an essential member of our logistics team. Founded in 1984, PSL serves customers from its eight offices throughout the UK. Its broad capabilities include groupage service into France, Belgium, Germany and Holland, as well as leadership in fashion and publishing transport.   PSL’s award-winning, multi-modal transportation services include door-to-door logistics and a 24/7 customs clearance division, making it a natural partner to serve our global automotive customers. The company has won several awards for their European logistics work, supply chain management, innovation, sales, and overall operations. Together, GTM and PSL offer premium international logistics services to clients in the UK and Europe. PSL’s combination of efficient management and global customs expertise make it particularly well-suited to the automotive market. PSL is a natural partner to serve our international automotive customers. Both GTM and PSL are independent freight forwarders. We personally manage customer cargo, ensuring we meet every logistics and supply chain need. We’re confident our partnership results in services comparable to those of any multinational company. Mark Brodie (GTM), Mark Boggis (PSL), Mike Unsworth (GTM), Joe Field (GTM) at EGLN 2015 Enhancing the GTM/PSL partnership is our mutual membership in the Elite Global Logistics Network (EGLN). As premium freight forwarders and hand-picked members of EGLN, we call upon our EGLN ties to effectively serve our global customers. Further, we both work closely with automakers and auto suppliers, so we thoroughly understand the industry. Together, we’ve developed a premium, global, door-to-door automotive product. We serve our customers by drawing upon our individual capabilities and assets, including our trucking [...]

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GTM + BSI Group

While building our GTM Automotive Services product, we already knew who our key East Asian partner would be: BSI Group. Besides its proven logistics expertise, BSI is a long-time ally and friend to GTM. Founded in 2000, BSI Group has quickly grown, opening 16 offices throughout Greater China, staffed by 500 talented employees and counting. It boasts a substantial general forwarding business division, as well as comprehensive supply chain, investment and IT services.   BSI’s award-winning services include ocean, air, and rail freight; trucking; customs clearance; breakbulk; and courier and charter services. The company is also a highly-ranked air freight cargo agent and private logistics enterprise, consistently receiving international accolades for its operations, sales, communications and regional leadership. Together, GTM and BSI offer premium international logistics services to clients in China and North America. With its diverse offerings and proven knowledge of the automotive market, BSI is a natural partner to serve our global automotive customers. Both GTM and BSI are independent freight forwarders. Our staff carefully manages customers’ cargo, meeting all logistics and supply chain needs. We’re confident our partnership results in services comparable to those of any multinational company.   Robert Gruschow (Deshler Group), Emmett Zheng (BSI), Wilson Wong (BSI) and Mark Brodie (GTM) Our affiliation also reaches beyond our respective nations. We’re both hand-picked members of the Elite Global Logistics Network (EGLN), which identifies and connects premium freight forwarders to customers around the world. Further, we both work closely with automakers and auto suppliers, so we understand this key industry quite well. Together, we’ve developed a premium, global, door-to-door automotive product. We serve our customers by drawing upon our individual service offerings and assets, including our trucking fleet, customs clearance expertise, and [...]

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GTM + Transport Acción

Why launch GTM Automotive Services now? Because we have amassed a brilliant international team, including our partner in Mexico, Transport Acción. Since 1976, Transport Acción has been an essential actor in US-Mexico trade. As Mexico has become the world’s seventh largest automaker, with this rapid growth expected to continue, Transport Acción’s role has also increased. With six locations in key cities in Mexico, Transport Acción has an established presence in the country’s major manufacturing centers.   Transport Acción’s award-winning, multi-modal transportation services include customs brokerage, NAFTA export/import expertise, and expedited freight capabilities. As the first Mexican logistics company to build a multiservice computer system to manage its offerings, Transport Acción also offers a technological edge. GTM has teamed up with Transport Acción to offer premium international logistics services to clients in Mexico and throughout North America. With its diverse offerings and proven knowledge of the automotive market, Transport Acción is a natural partner to serve both of our global automotive customers. Both of our companies are independent freight forwarders. This means that our staff will always give personal attention to clients’ cargo, meeting all of our customers’ logistics and supply chain needs. Our combined services are efficient, value-conscious and comprehensive. Recently, Mark Brodie, GTM’s Founder and Managing Member, met with Transport Acción executives in Mexico to discuss our combined door-to-door service offerings to and from Mexico. Transport Acción’s Luis Frias, Director; Martin Garcia Vivanco, Transportation Relations Manager; and Hugo Briones, Auto Industry Division Director discussed details of our companies’ air, ocean, warehousing and trucking capabilities. In particular, Mr. Briones’ years of logistics, purchasing, and assembly management experience with major automakers will help us to continue meeting the complex requirements of the automotive industry.   Transport Acción’s [...]

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Introducing GTM Automotive Services

Today, we’re proud to announce the official launch of GTM Automotive Services. Since we’ve worked closely with automakers and auto suppliers for many years, we already know the industry inside and out. Now we’re growing our offerings, joining with GTM’s strongest international partners to expand our global reach. Building on our successful international alliances, we have developed a premium, global, door-to-door automotive product. We serve our customers by drawing upon our individual service offerings and assets, including our trucking fleet, customs clearance expertise, and large contracts with key international ocean and air carriers.   With our hand-picked group of independent freight forwarders, we reach clients on every continent. Our shared capabilities allow us to maintain personal management of customer cargo, while increasing efficiency and reducing overhead costs. Together, we offer complete services that are comparable to those of any multinational freight forwarder. We’re also members of the Elite Global Logistics Network (EGLN). This organization includes more than 200 highly qualified, financially sound, independent companies that cover more than 100 countries with a combined staff of 20,000 and growing. Why Choose GTM Automotive Services? Our history is Detroit, our reach is global. The Michigan-based automotive industry remains essential to the greater U.S. economy. Its vast supplier and logistics network — in which we’ve been immersed for decades — is unlike any other. In fact, today’s international automotive marketplace demands a flawlessly managed and responsive supply chain. Without an effective logistics partner, companies risk interrupted production lines and unexpected, often crippling expenses. That’s where GTM comes in. Our Michigan headquarters, automotive experience, and established infrastructure give us a clear edge. We enjoy easy access to the continental U.S. and have direct knowledge of what makes an automotive [...]

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Planning for Chaos: Successfully Navigating a Shipping Crisis

The West Coast ports crisis may be a memory now, but future global events impacting shipping are inevitable. At GTM, we were proud to join a strong, integrated team to address this crisis. Working together, we created unique solutions that kept our customers’ factories open and their businesses running. As the logistics arm of the Deshler Group family of companies, we developed a rapid, multi-step response to clogged harbors and empty shelves. We drew upon our years of trucking, shipping, and customs clearance expertise to quickly extricate cargo for our customers. Cargo that represented jobs, profits and commercial survival for many. In partnership with GS3 Global, Feblo International and AMI, several of our Deshler affiliates, we saved the day for many of our customers. Along the way, we solidified partnerships, gained new business, and attracted admiration from fellow logistics companies, who all wanted to know our strategy. Here’s how we did it.

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GTM Attending Inaugural EGLN Conference

This week, GTM executives are attending the Elite Global Logistics Network (EGLN) First Inaugural Annual Conference in Bangkok, Thailand. We will be meeting with leadership from many of our valued international partners. For GTM, 2015 has been a year of substantial growth. We’ve added new capabilities for our customers, including our local pick-up and delivery (PU&D) service. We also successfully navigated the challenges of the West Coast ports crisis. We developed winning solutions for our customers and further strengthened our reputation for always offering quick thinking and a creative approach. EGLN is a new network of elite-level logistics companies that offer superior services to their customers. Membership is by invitation only and includes high-quality freight forwarders whose work is proven, efficient and dependable. We are honored to be included in this elite group of logistics professionals. By the close of 2016, EGLN expects more than 250 members from 100 countries. With 12,000 staff and projected annual revenues of $4 billion, EGLN is poised to make a lasting mark on the logistics industry. As a member of EGLN, we will continue to offer our comprehensive spectrum of logistics services. However, we now also possess an unparalleled constellation of international partners to support our offerings. While at the conference, we will engage in one-on-one meetings with many of the 130+ delegates, revisiting old friendships and building new relationships. We will spend time with many of our partners, discussing business possibilities and joining in cultural and social activities. Upon our return, we’ll share news of our travels and of friends old and new, perhaps with a little adventure thrown in. Stay tuned to our blog, follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to keep up with the latest [...]

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GLN 2014: New Partnerships, Stronger Alliances

We’re back from our annual trip to Thailand, bringing new friends, renewed partnerships and many stories. Attending the Global Logistics Network (GLN) Conference is always one of the year’s highlights for us. This year was no exception. The GTM booth at the GLN Conference As a global freight forwarder / NVOCC, we spent four days visiting, conversing, planning and strategizing. We also identified the freight forwarding companies within GLN that will provide our global customers with the best service and pricing available in the market. For this year’s conference, our focus was two-fold. We wanted to develop relationships with our BRIC country partners. We also hoped to cultivate stronger alliances with our fellow GLN members from around the world. GLN Conference attendees Forming deep international alliances with our logistics partners is essential to GTM’s success. Among Chinese logistics firms, GTM is close to five-year partner BSI (Best Services International). BSI has 14 offices throughout China, including all ocean port cities and all major international airports. With more than 400 employees and $250 million in annual revenue, BSI is one of GTM’s stronger international partners. The annual revenues of the GTM-BSI alliance already exceed $10 million. BSI supports all of GTM’s international services, including warehousing, trucking, air freight, ocean freight, customs brokerage and project cargo handling. Robert Gruschow (GTM), Emmett Zheng (BSI), Wilson Wong (BSI) and Mark Brodie (GTM) We are continuing to grow and expand our partnership with BSI. In Thailand, we visited with our top European agents: Interfracht (Germany) Fioravanti Logistics Solutions (Italy) Ewals Cargo Care (Belgium) PSL Freight (England) TFS International (France) In GTM’s meetings with these partners, we developed a strategy to cover all door to [...]

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GTM Heads to Bangkok

This week, GTM leadership is preparing to depart for the Global Logistics Network (GLN) annual conference, to be held October 5-8, 2014, in Bangkok, Thailand. GLN is an international organization of freight forwarders and logistics companies united to successfully serve customers around the world. With a global presence that includes a staff of nearly 25,000, located in 621 offices in 318 cities throughout 125 countries. GLN handles over 6 million international shipments per year. GLN has long been our partner in success. Robert Gruschow of GTM in GLN One-on-One Meeting (Photo: GLN) We prize building and maintaining strong relationships with our international partners. Through our GLN membership, we easily and capably handle every customer’s global shipping needs. Indeed, we’ve been active members of GLN for 5 years and counting. GTM is proudly serving as a Gold Sponsor of this year’s conference. (Photo: GLN) We look forward to the conference every year. It’s our annual time to compare notes and break bread with our peers, in small one-on-one meetings and in larger groups. Last year’s event welcomed 320 delegates from 216 member companies! This is why attending the GLN conference is so important. GLN Conference Welcome Party 2013(Photo: GLN) Every year, we are delighted to meet fellow attendees, some for the first time. We check in with our partners from around the world. We also build new relationships and connections that will bear fruit for years to come. The new and renewed alliances GTM makes at the GLN conference are vital connections that translate into better service for our customers. Mark Brodie and Robert Gruschow, Managing Members/Co-Owners of GTM with GLN Partners(Photo: GLN) Service is something we take [...]

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GTM + GS3 Global: Strategic Partnership, Winning Solution

In 2012, Global Transportation Management, LLC (GTM) was already an aggressive, rapidly growing global freight forwarding company. To accelerate our global reach even further, GTM formed a strategic alliance with GS3 Global. GTM joined forces with GS3 Global to sell global transportation and logistics services worldwide. GS3 Global is a woman- and minority-owned fourth-party logistics firm (4PL), based in Livonia, Michigan and led by CEO Lisa Lunsford. It develops creative, value-added supply chain solutions for many Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies. Lisa Lunsford, CEO of GS3 Global At GTM, we want our work and our relationships to reflect our customers, our staff, and our partnerships. Our strategic alliance with GS3 Global solidifies our commitment to growing in a more diverse way. Mark Brodie, Managing Member and Co-Owner of GTM, is committed to cultivating the company's ongoing internal diversity program. On a global scale, we can now reach a wider, more diverse customer base. A clientele that reflects the richly varied cultural makeup of the U.S. and our partners around the world. One that provides unrivaled access, competitive advantage, and wide-ranging benefits to all parties. This strategic alliance immediately proved a great success for both companies. On its end, GS3 Global provides a supply chain solution to its customers based on careful analysis of their needs. With GTM, it can offer more. GTM’s Global Freight Forwarding experience, licenses, staff, buying power and global agent network allow GS3 Global to provide a comprehensive range of services for both companies’ customers. Through this critical partnership, GTM and GS3 Global now offer their customers complete, door-to-door logistics solutions. Because of our alliance, we have secured more than $10 million in additional logistics business for our two [...]

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